How ChloraPrep works

Designed to work against skin microbes

Gentle friction scrub penetrates the top 5 skin layers (where 80% of resident bacteria may be found[2]), using simple up and down, back and forth strokes

Formulated to work against skin microbes

Broad spectrum [3,4] Rapid [5,6] Persistent [5,7]
Gram positives, Gram negatives as well as most viruses and fungi Good reductions in level of organisms within 30 seconds Effective for at least 48 hours

Proven to work against skin microbes

Following routine use in one NHS region, ChloraPrep was found to be 10 times more efficient than 0.5% chlorhexidine/isopropyl alcohol wipes in arm disinfection; ChloraPrep is now being introduced throughout the country for this application.